Bring It On SpiderMan

I'll be entertaining to watch play SpiderMan if you like to hate stuff because I'm not any good but I am willing to waste time and swing around the city.

Grand Theft Auto Live Again

In this round of nonsense I ride around in my new $1,000,000 car and old cheap 69 Bike.

Grand Theft Auto Live

In this first round of recording I meet some kid who knows more than I do and shows me some of the ropes so sit back and watch my nonsense while listening to one side of the conversation.

Arguing Over Stephen King’s Creepshow

The Drunken Horror Crew outside of myself is hatin' on the moss section of the movie and I'm over here taken aback by the greenery.

Friday the 13th Across the Board

Drunken Horror went over our three favorites from the franchise with three individual episodes but first we tackled the whole shebang with an overview.

I Got It Now

I'm trying to figure out what to do on YouTube in hopes I can be monetized. I have a bunch of subscribers because of putting up nostalgic nonsense. Nothing original, just weird movies like Bones starring Snoop Dogg or old shows and clips recorded off tv. Of course I can't make money off that and …

So What Next…

I'm trying to figure out what I can do to not do anything and make money to provide for my kiddo. I've made nonsense on the Internet and made good money. Good money if I was still in college, not good money as a family man. I thought I could make videos on YouTube but …

Driving To Chicago from Cleveland