Seven 93/365

Find out whats in the box tonight at 10pm est.

Rookie of the Year 91/365

Happy Opening Day everyone. Have a great one!

Forever Young 89/365

Back before we knew Mel was a raging pile of dog shit and yet strangely after we met Elijah Wood in 2015 at The Cafe 80s, the movie Forever Young was made. This Norm Peterson vehicle is fun and deserves to stay on VHS & Laserdisc forever. No need to port this one.

Clara’s Heart 86/365

O Whoopi, you're gonna change more than just Doogie with that heart of yours.

Anaconda 85/365

I mean it's got Owen Wilson, Ice Cube, and Jon Voight along with a young lady who has buns, hun.

The Commitments 84/365

This was the type of movie my older sister would watch so I would instantly think it's cool. I was little then and I wouldn't understand why it was funny. As I grew up and caught on syndication here or there I grew to understand why parts of it could be considered good.

Nick of Time 83/365

I didn't see this one when it first came out and caught it on HBO or USA one night and had a blast. I believe this was the first time I saw a movie in real time. Of course the idea blew up with the TV show 24 but what other titles do you know that do this?

The Incubus 81/365

I had never seen this one until my buddy Ben from UHF Channel 13 randomly had the laserdisc and asked if I wanted it. I did and the rest is cinematic history. So start you week off right with a little horror.

Parenthood 80/365

This is one of the best Steve Martin's made in the straight up family genre but this movie holds up as a well rounded comedy with a humungous and hilarious cast. Happy Steve Martin Sunday!

Newsies 75/365

Here is a grown up Christian Bale shinning brighter than even yesterday's amazing performance. Jack Kelly is easily one of the coolest kid characters to emulate.