Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter

When I was a kid I didn’t really have friends so I retreated to my basement for most hours of the day. If it was the summer I wouldn’t leave the basement besides to eat or use the bathroom. I had a tv, vcr, nintendo and my dog Toby. Here we watched countless movies and acted them out. We would rewrite scenes and create them. (one of Toby’s favorite characters was Snarf from Thundercats) But that’s not the point. The point of this post is to discuss Dennis the Menace Dinosaur Hunter.

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Just because you can ask for anything you want on eBay doesn't mean something is worth that much. Read All About It

Trading Cards Are Ready

Hey everyone, I just posted a bunch of classic non sport trading cards for you to pick up and enjoy. The smell is the same, the feel is the same, please don't find out if the taste is the same. The gum was bad 30 years ago, imagine now. All of these can be picked …

An Employee Handout That’s Awesome

Here’s what new hires had to know about working for Disney in the ’60s.

The Happiest Place On Earth

"My sister had a job in a store at WDW throughout college. She said one time in a gift store, a parent asked if their son with cancer could meet Darth Vader. After my sister told them her store does not have a Darth Vader costume or even any Star Wars memorabilia, they freaked out …

The Bearded Princesses Of Disney

I Have Nothing To Say But Click This


"At just 11 years old, Ben Savage landed the role of Cory Matthews, the titular character onBoy Meets World that would define his career. After seven years of oversized flannel shirts, an epic romance with Danielle Fishel’s Topanga (or Corpanga, as Tumblr now knows them), and endless words of wisdom from next-door neighbor turned perpetual teacher Mr. …

Is It A Christmas Or Halloween Movie?

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A Whole Different Take

A bunch of silly ass renditions by an artist named Greg Guillemin of beloved cartoon creatures from our lives. — Check It Out

If You Dig The Little Mermaid…

Ladies and gentlemen, recycling at its finest. Watch This