Snake’s Revenge 106/365

I would like to apologize for my comments yesterday about Snake, Rattle 'n' Roll. It deserved more respect even though Wake, Rattle and Roll is spectacular. Thank to Snake's Revenge from April of 1990 I have found my ways to be wrong. Thank you.

Legendary Wings 104/365

This game is super fun. As you know it involves Legendary Wings so in this one from April of 1988 lets you run around AND fly. It was great sitting around for hours in the basement playing this while the sun was warm and shining.

Crystalis 103/365

Did you know that Crystalis means God Slayer in Japanese? That's the most badass a word like Crystalis could ever possible aspire to. The game from today in 1990 isn't as good as the title.

Smash TV 102/365

At an unknown date from a known location in 1990 Smash TV blew out our screens. This is a top notch game and you need to play it. Find your old copy, buy one, buy a Switch download if you can, Hell, emulate it. Just play this game now.

Yoshi 100/365

Today April 10th, in 1993 one of the last games was rolling out of production and it was Yoshi. Nintendo tried to throw out a puzzle game to cause full on addiction like with Dr. Mario or tetris but they failed with Yoshi. That's alright though, we all still this guy.

Major League Baseball 099/365

Baseball has started and I could not be happier about it. My team isn't on this game as the Guardians went by a different at this point in time. But anyway this one came out in April of 1988 most likely to play into their opening days too. Go Guards!!!