Flatliners 66/365

They remade this in the 10s as a money grab that didn't work because it as a stupid idea. Just sit back and watch the original like you should...the story just doesn't work without Oliver's big ol head.

Pound Puppies 65/365

Saturday mornings are made for cartoons. That's just how it is. Or was. Today doesn't see it that way since you can just watch everything on demand. But there once upon a time was a whole section out of the day for cartoon mayhem.

King Ralph 64/365

John Goodman is the greatest TV Dad of all time but he is certainly not a good king. This movie gets made simply because the studio was able to say Dan Connor is attached to the project.

The Thing From Another World 63/365

Black & White horror just makes sense. It feels like a slow Saturday afternoon of watching monster movies during childhood with these types of flicks.

Monster in the Closet 62/365

One of the first Tromas I've seen and its ehh which is better than most with the "Troma" tag. I'm sorry to my fellow mutants but I can not do it; Troma is to horror as Juggalos is to music...that's too mean to Troma, I'm sorry.

Back to the Future 61/365

Tuesdays are lame. Take a half day and watch the greatest trilogy of all time.

Panther 59/365

I've had the VHS with no cover for years and a taped off tv version before that so finding the Laserdisc truly made my day. I even added it to the collection before owning a player.

3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain 58/365

It's Saturday morning and cartoons don't really do their thing anymore so here's kids movie that would play on most Saturday afternoons.

The Abyss 53/365

I first saw this movie during the high school days while I was on vacation in the outer banks. Being surrounded by the ocean added to the glory that is this movie.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie 46/365

This is the demo copy of this glorious film. They sent these out to all the Moms & Pops would owned a rental store in hope they would carry their movie. And they did. But still to this very day; no one knows why.