Army of Darkness 138/365

It's part three of the trilogy but it's kind of only part two but in one way it's actually part 4.

Fire in the Sky 134/365

It’s a whole different kind of scary on this fine Wednesday morning. I can still remembering seeing this one at the theater with a childhood buddy while his parents sat on the other side of the theater. Once it was over all four of us talked about how terrified we were and now I can’t think of the last good alien movie that’s come out.

Matinee 133/365

Thanks to William Castle for a bunch of great movies including producing the most perfect horror movie of all time; Rosemary’s Baby and for all the tricks the horror community kept alive. And also for being there for John Goodman to loosely portray in Matinee.

Radio Flyer 131/365

This is one of those movies I remember very fondling. I recall the abuse but I also remember the brother love and childhood adventure. The abuse was way worse as a grown up and parent and I don't want to watch it again.

Clerks Animated Series 128/365

I never watched this when it came out. I think it must have been during that time where you find yourself too old for Kevin Smith and before you're old enough to revisit it differently. When I saw this for $1 I snagged it to resell but then just straight up enjoyed it.