It Transforms!!!

"LEGO artists are ever-impressive. Whether it's custom making Batmobiles anything Harry Potter or Star Wars-related, it's hard to deny the talent involved in constructing these bad boys. Take for example big blue himself, Optimus Prime..." Read All About It

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Just because you can ask for anything you want on eBay doesn't mean something is worth that much. Read All About It

It’s Tuesday – New Toys!!!

I just posted a bunch of retro video games to DoNotWearShoes. From the TurboGrafx16 to the WiiU. Below are just a couple examples of what is available

Dolls Are The Creepiest

Who doesn't like photographs of old, abandoned factories and what's creepier than decaying children's dolls and boxes of plastic limbs? This collection of photos features various abandoned toy and doll factories from around the world. More

Ken Was Great In Toy Story 3

Surprising things you didn’t know about Ken. Barbie’s favorite accessory has an interesting history of his own.Learn About Allan

To The Child Of The 80s

"Being born in 1981, I always saw the retrospective 1970's as a downbeat period for a child to have grown up in. Sure, it had disco, Dirty Harry, and a cool collection of American rock bands, but it's difficult to escape the depressing sixties hangover feel which defines it; when a disillusioned young lost all …

Toy Lines Of The Weird And Famous

Check out this list then head to eBay TV Show Toys

You Will Love These Memories

YESTERDAY — "This list is full of things BuzzFeed says you can not forget and they are right. This list is huge most of them are perfect memories." — Dave Ralph It's So Good

Toys & Sadness

NEVERLAND — "These are things you will never see again and it's sad." — Dave Ralph Read The Story

Christmas Sale on Etsy

WORLD WIDE — "For the Holiday season I am putting a few items on sale in the Store Front; Star Wars toys, New Kids on the Block stuff, Vintage Movie Posters, and Growing Pains Trading Cards. Plus a bunch of awesome T-Shirts! I assure you anywhere in America will have your order for Christmas if you …