So What Next…

I'm trying to figure out what I can do to not do anything and make money to provide for my kiddo. I've made nonsense on the Internet and made good money. Good money if I was still in college, not good money as a family man. I thought I could make videos on YouTube but …

…It’s A Collection

I’ve already saved my VHS tapes from their glory days but I’ve had them boxed away since I bought my house and moved three years ago. I’ve grab a few here and there from the box to showcase but mostly my only display has been Nintendo cartridges. I’ve been selling off some of my games …

Nintendo 64

Some of the DoNotWearShoes N64 Collection

Trading Cards Are Ready

Hey everyone, I just posted a bunch of classic non sport trading cards for you to pick up and enjoy. The smell is the same, the feel is the same, please don't find out if the taste is the same. The gum was bad 30 years ago, imagine now. All of these can be picked …

The NES Zapper’s Amazing Life

I don't know who created these but they are not only hilarious but also brilliant. Thank you random Internet user.

Rayanne Graff Is Better Than You

Here's Why

The Ultimate Guide To “Saved By The Bell” Fashion

Prepare yourself for this...

Wednesday Addams Is The Coolest

Addams Family Values came out 20 years ago today so here is a list of why Wednesday Addams is the best role model for little girls.

Ox; Our First Gentle Giant

Enjoy the memories of these timeless but oft-forgotten characters from one of the greatest TV shows of all time. It’s very important.

Not So Spooky, More Of A Kooky

The Addams Family were all together ooky but check out these old photos of the perfect family with color.