Super Mario Bros: The Movie 46/365

This is the demo copy of this glorious film. They sent these out to all the Moms & Pops would owned a rental store in hope they would carry their movie. And they did. But still to this very day; no one knows why.

10 Things I Hate About You 39/365

One of the last perfect high school movies. Straight up. If you've seen this movie you know; if you haven't go sign into Disney+ and get on it.

Scrapple 38/365

This movie is a stoner classic to me and like 12 other people. I don't think this movie even has enough of a fanbase to be considered as having a cult following. From the awful acting of the drug dealer/realtor to weird dream sequences to the good like Al Dean all around and the weird Australian; I love every part.

Princess, I Shrunk the Marios 37/365

It's Saturday morning and they don't play cartoons anymore so here's an episode from my collection to your brain.

Higher Learning 36/365

I vividly recall seeing this movie in the theater and my 14 year old brain being mesmerized by it. Lawerence Fishburne slays as he always does as wise...and as Cowboy Curtis.

Creepshow 35/365

The great George A. Romero was born today in 1940. Although we all love what he did with zombies I will want to thank him for this movie just as enthusiastically.

Little Monsters 34/365

This once again proves the theory that pairing Daniel Stern with Fred Savage will result in perfection.

The Thing From Another World 33/365

Black & White horror just makes sense. It feels like a slow Saturday afternoon of watching monster movies during childhood with these types of flicks.

Strangeland 32/365

Do you remember falling in love with Linda Cardellini as a kid? I do, here; before she was the perfect 80s teenager in Freaks & Geeks she was from the 90s .

Friday the 13th 31/365

Sometimes you find a mood. Here comes another early on slasher your enjoyment.