A Jerk’s Leap of Faith

Steve Martin is the funniest man alive. -Side Note: George Carlin is the funniest man ever and Howard Stern is right behind Martin.

Steve Martin Continues To Be The Best

"I knew I wasn’t going to make it through this speech, I read it to my dog this morning and wept."Watch

Dads Know What’s Up With Movies

DAD'S RULE — "Dads may have horrible taste in clothing, but they can have great taste in movies." — BuzzFeed Great Examples  

The Funniest Man Alive

BORN STANDING UP — "As you may or may not know, Steve Martin is the funniest person alive. Don't get me wrong if George Carlin was still around he would have that title. Anyway, I guess the ladies love him for his looks not only his brain. A lot of sexist women out there. When will …

The King Of Comedy And Lorne

STAGE TIME — "Comic wizard Steve Martin was a delightful surprise at Tuesday night's Costume Designers Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Calif., where he honored close friend Lorne Michaels with the Distinguished Collaborator Award. Martin revealed that he decided to attend the highly fashionable awards show to honor Michaels, but also because 'a gift basket is a gift …

I Already Miss SNL

LAKEWOOD — "Although the jury is still out on whether or not cast member crack-ups cheapen 'SNL' sketches, you can't deny that in some cases, the break makes the bit (like with Bill Hader's "Stefon" or just about anything involving Jimmy Fallon). Whether you find them exciting or distracting, there have been too many memorable crack-ups in the …

Steve Martin is God

LAKEWOOD — "Exactly two years ago today I saw my favorite living person live. I saw Steve Martin. -correction, I saw Steve Martin do King Tut. I've seen a lot of acts in my day. Some I shouldn't have been able to accounting my age. I've seen The Stones, heckled Bruce Springsteen and although I was …