Welcome Back Springfielders

The Simpsons are coming back on 9/27 for the first episode of season 32. Season 32. I love it all and hope they never stop so here’s another Simpsons dump.

Simpsons Time

It’s that special time again.

Another Simpsons Dump

I love me some Simpsons so here’s the recent images I’ve come across and just couldn’t not save.

Simpsons Dump

I am always grabbing screenshots of different episodes of The Simpsons or from different pages I follow. I have to get rid of them every once in awhile so they go here. Keep checking back for me...

Simpsons Dump

-I seem to save a lot of different pictures to my phone every day and a large portion are the Simpsons. Here’s the newest crop.

My World of Springfield

CLEVELAND — "As you may or may not know by now; I 'work' at a retro toy store in this wonderful city of Cleveland, Ohio. I don't spend my time there for money but for toys rather. Yes, that's right, I help them in exchange for toys and memories. I have decided to start collecting …

Shirts & Toys

CLEVELAND — "I was playing around with some iPad photo apps and made this. So look at it, it's full of shirts & toys that you can have. Just click it and then make it your wallpaper. — Dave Ralph