Christmas Sale on Etsy

WORLD WIDE — "For the Holiday season I am putting a few items on sale in the Store Front; Star Wars toys, New Kids on the Block stuff, Vintage Movie Posters, and Growing Pains Trading Cards. Plus a bunch of awesome T-Shirts! I assure you anywhere in America will have your order for Christmas if you …

Brick & Mortar Shirts

LAKEWOOD — "From now until the end of the year you can pick up The Cleveland Fist, Nintendo Power, or Carl Sagan shirt at Lakewood's most famous location, Melt Bar & Grilled. Also available for the first time is the Power sticker and the Fist on a sweatshirt. Not only are the shirts cheaper but no …

Scary Day Nonsense

EARTH — "Since I have not written anything for a bit of time and I want to try out the Etsy coupon code I figure now is the time to say something. So head over to the Store Front and pick out a bunch of stuff, then enter the coupon code #WhyNotSale and get 13% …

Heading Cross Country

CLEVELAND — "I'm pulling out all the stops for the Nintendo City Pride shirt. The Cleveland style went pretty well so I thought I would expand. They are available on my etsy store. (you do not need an etsy account to get one) — Dave Ralph

Our Regan Youth

CLEVELAND — "When I attended school in Pittsburgh I made friends with an amazing artist that you do or will know, named Craig Horky. After school we both went our way in life but are able to stay in contact from time to time because of social media. (I am finally grateful for social media) …

Say What Again!

CLEVELAND — "What does a Bad Ass Mother Fucker, Kurt Cobain, & Abbie Hoffman have in common? Nothing, I cleaned the ol' Talk Hard Studios recently and came across a few original silk screen prints I forgot I had. I figured I would throw them up on etsy and let them go to the first …

Swing Your Hips From Side To Side

LAKEWOOD — "I am so very excited to show & tell you these wonderful creations are coming soon to an etsy page near you." — Dave Ralph

“We Are Star Stuff, Which Has Taken Destiny Into Its Own Hands”

Radical New Shirts! Pick them up Here! More new shirts coming soon Another exclamation mark!

Back To The Future Is A Better Trilogy

LAKEWOOD — "Although I do not like Star Wars, (I know, I know) I think these transfers are super cool. This book is from 1977, when the original movie came out. Each page is a different image to be put onto a shirt or bag, or really anything that's cloth. As you can see R2 doesn't …

Newest Etsy

LAKEWOOD — "New stuff again is ready to buy on etsy. Most of the new items are T-Shirts but don't under estimate the toys this week. A complete set of Topps Growing Pains Trading cards, a vintage 1977 Star Wars Transfer Book and always more."