Put The Book Outside Your Bedroom Door

"These five scary stories combine moral ambiguity with plot lines just familiar enough that you can’t help wonder: 'Could this happen to me?'..." Read All About It

Dolls Are The Creepiest

Who doesn't like photographs of old, abandoned factories and what's creepier than decaying children's dolls and boxes of plastic limbs? This collection of photos features various abandoned toy and doll factories from around the world. More

Yes, I Am Afraid Of The Dark

The Most Terrifying Characters From The Best Nickelodeon Show

Prepare To Be Scared…

FEARFUL — "You are about to die/find your long-lost twin. Thanks, Robert Stack."— BuzzFeedTurn The Lights Off

Submitted For The Approval Of The Midnight Society

CLEVELAND — "It's weird to me that people aren't scared of the dark once the 1st of November happens. I know we condition ourselves to only enjoy the fear that Halloween brings us but there is more out there. Anytime of day or night, during any season can be frightening. Halloween shouldn't be the end of …

Halloween Is The Best

HELL — This is amazing. Two of my favorite things, the 80s/90s & horror movies... — Dave Ralph