Kick Out The Jams Mother Fucker

"Usually, when the band stops playing and the mob doesn’t have any-thing to focus on, the riot starts. At least that’s the way it generally went down with my band: The MC5.  We played a fair amount of riots in our day. It was Riot Season in America. It happens every few years. The Belle …

Keep On Rocking

"Although the story about Stephen Stills auditioning for the Monkees is apparently at least somewhat apocryphal—Stills says that he only wanted to sell the group’s management some of his songs—he did play guitar on one Monkee’s song, the Headsoundtrack’s “Long Title: Do I Have to Do This All Over Again?” Stills longtime musical partner Neil Young, however, was …

What Frequency Kenneth?

"What are you going to listen to while driving to the coast next weekend? Or jogging on the beach? Barbecuing with your wife's coworker who you hate but have to invite because he lives down the block? Here, take these: a list of our 20 favorite summer albums ever (or at least released between the …

A Year In Minor Threat

"This country is full of people who feel they have been lost in the cracks with regard to their place in the history of American Hardcore. Normally, these are the types who will drunkenly bore your ear off about how their band opened for Black Flag in 1983 just so you’ll buy them a beer. …

Sabbath in the Playland

Check out this nonsense I found while playing on the Internet. It's a band of McDonald's playing Sabbath. Enjoy.

A New Howard The Duck?

I would 100% watch a new version of Howard hanging out in the greatest city of all...Cleveland. Read All About It

Bass Players Are Dogs

After noticing that “bass players who use their fingers as opposed to a pick look like they’re tickling hairy dogs,” blogger Michael M began the “completely pointless hobby” of badly photoshopping dogs into the hands of bass players. And thus was born Bass Dogs. Check Them Out

Robert Lockwood Jr. – A Man You Should All Know

CLEVELAND — "Robert Lockwood, Jr. is an amazing musician who passed away at the ripe old age of 91. He was a man I was privileged to see live more times I can count and even speak with on occasion. I saw him play once in Memphis which although he was a Clevelander, seemed perfect. He …

For A Good Time

THE NATIONS CAPITAL — "I know I've already posted recently about Minor Threat but I'm in the mood for it. The postcard I received recently from the director of "Salad Days" is not hurting the jones'n either. The reason for this post is short and sweet. Minor Threat Live; a collection of three shows between 1980 - …

Merry Christmas

WHOVILLE — — Dave Ralph