The Commitments 84/365

This was the type of movie my older sister would watch so I would instantly think it's cool. I was little then and I wouldn't understand why it was funny. As I grew up and caught on syndication here or there I grew to understand why parts of it could be considered good.

Gimmie Shelter 82/365

This is consistently brought up as the best Rock & Roll Live Show or Documentary when the truth is it's not even the best Stones movie.

Nirvana Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! 68/365

Nirvana is an obvious force tht started in the 80s and destroyed everything in their path through the 90s. We know this. I have nothing to saw except they sure are fun to watch live.

The Rolling Stones: Rock & Roll Circus 60/365

This is hands down my favorite music movie to date. My top three are this, The Last Waltz and Minor Threat Live. The Stones are great in this with Mick rocking fake tattoos and singing to the camera but The Who truly steal the show with a perfect performance. The Dirty Mac and Taj Mahal step up to be contenders while Ms. Marianne Faithful is an honorable mention but there is none better than A Quick One.

Don’t Worry Baby

Everything will turn out alright.

The Seeker

I won’t get what I’m after til the day I die.