What’s In A Name; Intention

I’ve sold buttons online for a long time now. I picked up a 1” machine one day and set off to make custom buttons for my friend’s bands and people’s random needs. Plus a few weirdo fanboy ones to sell on eBay. I also sell off vintage toys and movies from either my travels as …

“Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Pretend”

I’m sitting down in my lazyboy recliner with a three year old toddler just starting her afternoon nap on the couch. I’ve cleaned the house, done the dishes, vacuumed the upstairs, cleaned up the obnoxious amount of toys my daughter has, and finished a load of laundry. Also, hands and knees washed the floors from …

Nintendo 64

Some of the DoNotWearShoes N64 Collection

Nintendo Entertainment System

Some of the current DoNotWearShoes NES Collection.

It’s Worth The Look

If you're into retro gaming (as you should be) and Kickstarter is cool to you then follow this to help kickstart a documentary about EarthBound. Do it!

Some Recent Finds

I've picked up some wonderful treats recently. The moment the weather breaks out of winter the garage sales start flowing and the Craigslist people come out of the woodwork. Here's to a great summer of finds! So far so good...

Trading Cards Are Ready

Hey everyone, I just posted a bunch of classic non sport trading cards for you to pick up and enjoy. The smell is the same, the feel is the same, please don't find out if the taste is the same. The gum was bad 30 years ago, imagine now. All of these can be picked …

Know What You’re Holding

As a cartridge collector I have had a hell of a time keeping track of the thousands of video game titles in my collection. I've looked for many ways and at times had to deal with a simple pencil and paper to know what I owned while searching a garage sale. In fact I'm still …

The Reason 8-Bit Is Where It’s At

NINTENDOLAND — "I love everything Nintendo, I still think the Super Nintendo is the best system of all time. The games hold up and you don't have to wait 20 minutes for the thing to load." — Dave Ralph Read It