Wrecking Crew 174/365

Wrecking Crew was one of the original Black Box games and released on June 18th, 1986. It's been around as far as the beginning as far as I can tell with arcade cabinets and Playchoice-10. This is a fun title I recall half of my friends having. Since it was from the start no matter when your family got into the NES it could be found cheap and on sale for all birthday and Christmas occasions.

The Rocketeer 172/365

In true form of any movie property turned into a video game; this game is top ten best games of all time. Nope. Not true. Since they pretty much all suck don't expect more from this one when you buy it starting today in 1991.

Dragon Spirit 171/365

When this game released today in '87 it was instantly known that it was the opposite of a mocho game. Not in a bad way or anything strange but you know those certain guys that can't have a pink cup or do anything they perceive as weak? This game is the opposite. It's as if they took a fighter jet game but instead made it a dragon and added nerdy Middle Earth stuff. Fun game. Just funny.

Super Dodge Ball 170/365

Wait, Super Dodge Ball? But this is the NES not the Super Nintendo. Those stupid idiots at Nintendo sent home a game called Super for the original in June of 1989 like a bunch of dumb dumbs.

Balloon Fight 169/365

Today in '86 you once again had a title that took so many quarters but now you may cash in your Grandma money to buy it one final time for the basement. And it was good. Pop You or Bust!

Blaster Master 168/365

Blaster Master came today in 1988 and it's super fun. This is a staple game and I could go on but I don't want to. Go to the bottom of this post and watch the fan made opening titles. It's outstanding.

Bubble Bobble 167/365

This game that lasts forever was released to our basements today in 1986. There are a billion levels of fun to this outstanding puzzle game everyone loves. But wait there's more; so much so there's a 2.

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