Monster Party 166/365

This game came out in June of 1989 and it's a fine game. We all love a good monster but it typically makes me think of Party Monster with Macaulay Culkin and most recently I think about the movie Monster Club when Joe Bob and Darcy covered on an evening of Last Drive In on Shudder. Speaking of Shudder you should go to and use the code...

Mario Bros. 165/365

Starting today in 1983 Mario along with his super awesome and way cooler brother Luigi have been called upon to correct the sewers from some weirdo monsters. Little did they know it would set a whirlwind adventure that would last an infinite amount of lives. Don't forget to play for extra lives in the hidden Part 3 section.

Popeye 164/365

I love Popeye so much, he's just the best. One time the company that took over the island that is the movie set for the Robin Williams' Popeye movie bought 1,000s of my buttons to sell off as their own tchotchkes; I was proud of that. This rad arcade classic came home this month to the Nintendo in 1986.

Double Dragon 163/365

Double Dragon came home to all of our delights this month in 1988. If you don't like this game, I don't like you. Pretty simple stuff here. It's so good it made a cameo in The Wizard. "California"

Shooting Range 161/365

In June of 1989 a game called Shooting Range was released and the children of the day did not attack their classmates or anyone around them because of it. I do not believe video games are the problem with America; guns and access to them but not mental health resources is the problem.

Disney’s Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers 159/365

When I would be forced to watch this cartoon while waiting for better ones to start after school I always thought Monterey Jack is a great name for a mouse character like he was. And that was the end of my praise for it. Today in 1990 this one came home but unfortunately I never owned the sequel which is worth its weight in gold.

Gumshow 158/365

You know how at fairs they have the shooting gallery or dart throwing at balloons? Gumshoe took that thought and the brilliant idea of a side scrolling game only to put them together for weirdness. June 6th, 1986 was a really good day for people who love silly hats and hate balloons.

Tetris 157/365

Today in 1984 Tetris arrived to our wonderful world but it wasn't until November of 1989 until we could play this copy at home and that's when the game it's hooks in us. Once the Gameboy version for on the go came out it was over; Tetris came with pure addiction and it ruled.