Driving Home

-In March of 2019 I went to New York City to see the band Little Big play. When the weekend was over we had to come home and home we went. Here’s the proof

Come Out And Play

"In the ‘60s and ‘70s, gangs not unlike the ones featured in Walter Hill’s The Warriorsowned the streets of New York City. The 1993 documentary film Flyin’ Cut Sleevestakes a look back at the volatile years that eventually culminated in a truce and subsequent “peace meeting” held at the Hoe Avenue Boys Club in 1971 by the …

A Whole Lotta Love

Heading Cross Country

CLEVELAND — "I'm pulling out all the stops for the Nintendo City Pride shirt. The Cleveland style went pretty well so I thought I would expand. They are available on my etsy store. (you do not need an etsy account to get one) — Dave Ralph

Swing Your Hips From Side To Side

LAKEWOOD — "I am so very excited to show & tell you these wonderful creations are coming soon to an etsy page near you." — Dave Ralph