The Angel & Daniel Johnston 101/365

Watch this beautiful man explode with creativity on this fine Sunday morning.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston 100/365

Would you look at that. 100 days of this movie nonsense done. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. In honor of a milestone here is part of the story that is Daniel Johnston, a true American artist.

Look Who’s Talking Too 98/365

This is an example of one of those titles you own simply because it was a free movie or one you get in a lot.

Purple People Eater 97/365

Did no one in the art department think giving Ned Beatty a Deliverance credit for this children's movie inspired by Little Richard was a weird idea?

The Expendables Trilogy 96/365

It's like two for Tuesday but instead, it's three.

The Quick and the Dead 95/365

If only this movie had a cameo by Brisco County, Jr.

Deathgasm 94/365

This movie is overwhelmingly fantastic. I will say it is probably my favorite horror movie in the past 10 years. Get on this right away if you haven't seen it.

Leprechaun 76/365

It's St. Patrick's Day, I have to post this one.