Still Playing With Toys Halfway Through My 30s

A few years ago I sold all my Ghostbuster toys (childhood & collection) to buy a button maker. I wanted to supplement my current income with side money. I worked at the time for a nonprofit environmental organization, Ohio's largest. My thought was to make little punk rock buttons from magazines or comic books. I'd find …

Pop Culture Portraits On Toilet Seats

"North Carolina-based tattoo artist Robbie Kass airbrushes famous faces on toilet seat lids. I wish I owned 11 toilets." Check Em Out

Kurt Cobain Is Back

Listen To Kurt Cobain’s Haunting Interview About Alienation And Identity  

Random Revolutionary Bum Shirts

Pick Em Up Here

Shirts & Toys

CLEVELAND — "I was playing around with some iPad photo apps and made this. So look at it, it's full of shirts & toys that you can have. Just click it and then make it your wallpaper. — Dave Ralph

Say What Again!

CLEVELAND — "What does a Bad Ass Mother Fucker, Kurt Cobain, & Abbie Hoffman have in common? Nothing, I cleaned the ol' Talk Hard Studios recently and came across a few original silk screen prints I forgot I had. I figured I would throw them up on etsy and let them go to the first …