The Fox and The Hound 319/365

If you have not seen this movie, get on it and get on it right away.

Cheetah 230/365

I watched this movie so many times when I was little it's uncountable. I don't know if The Disney Channel played it nonstop or if I taped it once but man, that duma and I would have gone on a million adventures.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead 16/365

Shortly after escaping the clutches of Michael Myers and prior to being the super hot bad girls across the universes of Roseanne, Growing Pains, and Eerie, Indiana, Jamie Lloyd had a summer free of responsibility along with her stoner brother who would not only made sure the dishes were done but also how to make non Mama Celeste pizza. Watch as Kelly Bundy learns valuable life lessons and get an excellent advantage to a future in the fashion industry with this classic 90s summer comedy. And that's nothing to shake a clown dog at.

Toy Soldiers 14/365

After saving the Goondocks, a teenage Rudy with a pre-PTSD Kenny Crandell and friend Gordie, who had many issues of his own along with some other friends they've made take on an internal band of terrorists led by a man so ruthless he's been up against the likes of the A-Team, MacGyver, Matlock and even Mac & Me. Mac & Me!