It’s Just Like, So, I Don’t Know

Once upon a time, back in 1995, Claire Danes was only 15-years-old and was known primarily for My So-Called Life and Little Women. In this ‘95 Q&A with Interview, you get a reminder of what Claire was like as a young woman. Here are some of the best excerpts.  

Kurt Cobain Is Back

Listen To Kurt Cobain’s Haunting Interview About Alienation And Identity  

Bill Murray Interview…enough said.

LOVERS LANE — "He is one of the greatest comic actors alive. A man who's navigated his career with a peerless instinct for quality and self-respect. The man behind movies—from Caddyshack to Stripes, from Rushmore to Lost in Translation—that seem to have defined a dozen different moments in our cultural life. But he is also a man beholden to no one, not …