Today’s going to be a triumphant day.

What Do You Want To Tell Everyone

You’re opinion is the only right one and I think you should make sure people know it.

Movies Reviews

Now that I'm back using this site and entertaining both of you with my antics I wanted to let you know to expect a lot of upcoming movie reviews. I recently had a 3,000 button order to complete which means lots of staring at my computer screen while mindlessly making buttons. So I watch movies …

Freddy Is Better Anyway

"Clive Barker published The Hellbound Heart in 1986. Coming off the heels of the author’s highly praised short story collections The Books Of Blood, Barker had been anointed the “new face of horror” by no less an authority than Stephen King. Then The Hellbound Heart caught the attention of Hollywood. Barker, who already had a fair amount of experience with …

Yes, I Am Afraid Of The Dark

The Most Terrifying Characters From The Best Nickelodeon Show

What If Freddy Haunted The Amittyville House

Check Out Freddy's Top Kills


The Best Horror Movie Of All Time Is Rosemary's Baby Read All About It

Scariest God Damn Thing In The Whole

3:15 — "In the 1970s a nutcase murdered his whole family. A few years later a new family moved into the house and created a story filled with Ghosts & Goblins. They wrote their whole nonsense down in a book and it sold like hotcakes (which apparently sell fast). From that point on it was known …

One, Two, I’m Coming For You

DREAMWORLD — "There are three houses that I would like to own. The first is the only one that I may one day get the chance to buy and that is my childhood home in the great city of Rocky River, Ohio. The second is The Amittyville Horror house. This movie scared the living crap out …

Our Regan Youth

CLEVELAND — "When I attended school in Pittsburgh I made friends with an amazing artist that you do or will know, named Craig Horky. After school we both went our way in life but are able to stay in contact from time to time because of social media. (I am finally grateful for social media) …