Friday the… Close Enough Man

While certainly illegal inside the jurisdiction of this cursed summer campground, marijuana has enjoyed an intoxicating role in the world of our beloved franchise. Whether it was to get in the mood, relieve boredom, or just to mellow out, Mary Jane should be considered another character in the films. In this look back at the Friday the 13th franchise, we examine the use of the bubonic chronic that makes you choke. Sh*t, this ain’t no joke. (My apologies to Snoop Dogg.)

Flatliners 66/365

They remade this in the 10s as a money grab that didn't work because it as a stupid idea. Just sit back and watch the original like you should...the story just doesn't work without Oliver's big ol head.

Monster in the Closet 62/365

One of the first Tromas I've seen and its ehh which is better than most with the "Troma" tag. I'm sorry to my fellow mutants but I can not do it; Troma is to horror as Juggalos is to music...that's too mean to Troma, I'm sorry.

Brainscan 57/365

This is one of my favorite horror movies. It should have been a series had anyone appreciated the value of Trickster.

Creepshow 35/365

The great George A. Romero was born today in 1940. Although we all love what he did with zombies I will want to thank him for this movie just as enthusiastically.

Friday the 13th 31/365

Sometimes you find a mood. Here comes another early on slasher your enjoyment.

A Nightmare on Elm Street 30/365

Since I showed off my favorite one yesterday here's the one that started it all.

A Quarantined Birthday

That’s an insane number.
 There’s no more 30 is the new 20. There is just 40 then 50. I guess suicide is an option but I’m much too young for that.