Night Time Bumps

"The scariest documentary of all time crept onto the small screen last Friday. Rodney Ascher’s sleep paralysis fever dream THE NIGHTMARE – now available on VOD – takes viewers to the outskirts of madness and leaves them there to mingle with the darkness. The release got us thinking about other scary documentaries – not chilling true crime tales, …

Nothing More Than Fun And Weird

The title says it all..."18 Unsolved Murders So Creepy You Might Get Scared Reading This" Read All About It

For God’s Sake Get Out

"Wow, I really don’t know what to say about this one. Usually stories you hear like this are on the level of Daily Mail fodder or one of those Onion-esque websites where the story turns out to be total bullshit. THIS story, however, coming out of Westfield, NJ is very, very real and it’s truly creepy as …

Dolls Are The Creepiest

Who doesn't like photographs of old, abandoned factories and what's creepier than decaying children's dolls and boxes of plastic limbs? This collection of photos features various abandoned toy and doll factories from around the world. More

Ghosts and My Anniversary

CLEVELAND — "I was married to my wonderful Wife on Halloween afternoon in 2008 in a courthouse dressed as if we were getting married in the 30s and running off to war. This past holiday was our 4th anniversary and I booked us a room at The Rider's Inn in Painsville, Ohio. I made sure …

Submitted For The Approval Of The Midnight Society

CLEVELAND — "It's weird to me that people aren't scared of the dark once the 1st of November happens. I know we condition ourselves to only enjoy the fear that Halloween brings us but there is more out there. Anytime of day or night, during any season can be frightening. Halloween shouldn't be the end of …

Halloween Is The Best

HELL — This is amazing. Two of my favorite things, the 80s/90s & horror movies... — Dave Ralph