What Time Is It? 4:30

Blossom Music Center — "When I was a kid my older sister was making fun of me for being a child and said 'Do you want to go see a concert tonight', Of course I did. She then laughed at me that I can't because I'm so little. My Mom then told her since she invited …

KISS is the worst but…

The idea that a guitar magazine would teach anyone to play ska is hilarious.

Rayanne Graff Is Better Than You

Here's Why

Girls Of The 90s; Stand Up

No Alternative Girls is a 1994 short film by Tamra Davis — director of music videos for ridiculously cool groups like Sonic Youth, The Bangles, Veruca Salt, and the Beastie Boys (she’s married to Mike D). Interestingly, Tamra has also directed Crossroads and Billy Madison, but that’s neither here nor there. In this nearly six-minute short, Tamra aims her …

Kurt Cobain Is Back

Listen To Kurt Cobain’s Haunting Interview About Alienation And Identity  

The Song Does Not Remain The Same

THE 90s — "We Seem to be growing up (dammit) and these songs have changed their meaning around right in front of us." — Dave Ralph BuzzFeed

Empire Records Served Many Life Lessons For Us

1995 — "The movie that was a box office bomb when it opened on September 22, 1995 has since become a cult classic. In honor of the 18th anniversary of all things Rex Manning Day, let’s take a look at the many things Empire Records taught us, which are still useful, years after Gwar and plaid miniskirts were past …

Sugar High: gotta have it, really need it to get by

MEMORY LANE — "On Wednesday I turned the frightful age of 33. I believe I now have an upper hand in beating out Jesus in at least one category. For my birthday I went to my favorite childhood restaurant (Gene's Place) with my parents, wife, and daughter. I then proceeded to get drunk with my friends …

Random Revolutionary Bum Shirts

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Say What Again!

CLEVELAND — "What does a Bad Ass Mother Fucker, Kurt Cobain, & Abbie Hoffman have in common? Nothing, I cleaned the ol' Talk Hard Studios recently and came across a few original silk screen prints I forgot I had. I figured I would throw them up on etsy and let them go to the first …