Parents Are Weird

"Vintage stereoview images from 1923 of a little girl sleeping while goblins and boogeyman creep around her bed and hover over her are a little silly looking, yes. But, they’re still psychologically disturbing, tapping into the primordial fear of something under the bed like some kind of proto-David Lynch type imagery. I’d imagine these scared the shit …

Put The Book Outside Your Bedroom Door

"These five scary stories combine moral ambiguity with plot lines just familiar enough that you can’t help wonder: 'Could this happen to me?'..." Read All About It


The Best Horror Movie Of All Time Is Rosemary's Baby Read All About It

Random Revolutionary Bum Shirts

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One, Two, I’m Coming For You

DREAMWORLD — "There are three houses that I would like to own. The first is the only one that I may one day get the chance to buy and that is my childhood home in the great city of Rocky River, Ohio. The second is The Amittyville Horror house. This movie scared the living crap out …

Ghosts and My Anniversary

CLEVELAND — "I was married to my wonderful Wife on Halloween afternoon in 2008 in a courthouse dressed as if we were getting married in the 30s and running off to war. This past holiday was our 4th anniversary and I booked us a room at The Rider's Inn in Painsville, Ohio. I made sure …

Our Regan Youth

CLEVELAND — "When I attended school in Pittsburgh I made friends with an amazing artist that you do or will know, named Craig Horky. After school we both went our way in life but are able to stay in contact from time to time because of social media. (I am finally grateful for social media) …