Nintendo 64

Some of the DoNotWearShoes N64 Collection

Some Recent Finds

I've picked up some wonderful treats recently. The moment the weather breaks out of winter the garage sales start flowing and the Craigslist people come out of the woodwork. Here's to a great summer of finds! So far so good...

Know What You’re Holding

As a cartridge collector I have had a hell of a time keeping track of the thousands of video game titles in my collection. I've looked for many ways and at times had to deal with a simple pencil and paper to know what I owned while searching a garage sale. In fact I'm still …

Taking Care Of Your Games

I posted this picture to my Instagram account and captioned it with "don't ever do this". Someone asked if I was making a blow job joke or if they really shouldn't ever blow on the game. I answered them and now I will spell it out on here incase you don't know. Never blow on …

The NES Zapper’s Amazing Life

I don't know who created these but they are not only hilarious but also brilliant. Thank you random Internet user.

The 1st Mario Is The Greatest Video Game Of All Time

According to the instruction guide included with Super Mario Bros., the koopas turned the inhabitants of the mushroom kingdom into blocks when they invaded, meaning Mario is contributing to the death of thousands in the game. So Many More Things

It’s not Just KISS This Time

Why would someone make these board games about different pop acts...Right, money. I Wish I Had Them All

Toy Lines Of The Weird And Famous

Check out this list then head to eBay TV Show Toys

The Reason 8-Bit Is Where It’s At

NINTENDOLAND — "I love everything Nintendo, I still think the Super Nintendo is the best system of all time. The games hold up and you don't have to wait 20 minutes for the thing to load." — Dave Ralph Read It

Super Nerds

THE 80S — "Last week, two men—George Leutz (one of the failed iron men from 2011) and Ed Heemskerk—set out to break a single-quarter record that has stood for almost thirty years. At time of posting, both men are still playing. Heemskerk has toiled for over 60 hours, while Leutz has gone for over 80 hours, which has …