Leap Of Faith 52/365

As you know Steve Martin is better than all of us so to celebrate him and check out this blasphemy on a Sunday.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie 46/365

This is the demo copy of this glorious film. They sent these out to all the Moms & Pops would owned a rental store in hope they would carry their movie. And they did. But still to this very day; no one knows why.

Casper 45/365

This movie could have named Ghostbusters 3 and it wouldn't have been a lie since Danny came back as Ray and was quite scared by the Ghostly Trio.

Last Action Hero 44/365

I love this movie so much. Everything about it; from making fun of itself to the simple idea of entering a movie. Outside of the thought of time travel, there is no better daydream than walking through the screen.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day 43/365

It's Friday night. Time for a good old fashion blockbuster.

Woodstock 42/365

At one point I ordered this from a record store in the mall on VHS, after losing that copy I bought a weird used Blockbuster version on eBay that is also gone. I bought the digital version so I could never loose this fantastic rock video and then a few years later I grab this copy when I was purchasing my first laserdisc player.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit 40/365

"I heard if you pause the laserdisc at the right time you can see Jessica Rabbit's thumper." -6th Grade Boys

10 Things I Hate About You 39/365

One of the last perfect high school movies. Straight up. If you've seen this movie you know; if you haven't go sign into Disney+ and get on it.

Scrapple 38/365

This movie is a stoner classic to me and like 12 other people. I don't think this movie even has enough of a fanbase to be considered as having a cult following. From the awful acting of the drug dealer/realtor to weird dream sequences to the good like Al Dean all around and the weird Australian; I love every part.

Princess, I Shrunk the Marios 37/365

It's Saturday morning and they don't play cartoons anymore so here's an episode from my collection to your brain.