It’s Just So Relatable

I Couldn’t Understand Something More

A New Howard The Duck?

I would 100% watch a new version of Howard hanging out in the greatest city of all...Cleveland. Read All About It

The NES Zapper’s Amazing Life

I don't know who created these but they are not only hilarious but also brilliant. Thank you random Internet user.

Dads Know What’s Up With Movies

DAD'S RULE — "Dads may have horrible taste in clothing, but they can have great taste in movies." — BuzzFeed Great Examples  

There Is No Reason To Not Watch These

HOLLYWOOD — "Many of your favorite movies from childhood aren’t quite the same when you try to share them with the wired kids of 2013. These classics are the timeless exceptions that hold up nicely." — BuzzFeed The Wizard is not on this list

Empire Records Served Many Life Lessons For Us

1995 — "The movie that was a box office bomb when it opened on September 22, 1995 has since become a cult classic. In honor of the 18th anniversary of all things Rex Manning Day, let’s take a look at the many things Empire Records taught us, which are still useful, years after Gwar and plaid miniskirts were past …