Dazed & Confused 267/365

This is one of the perfect high school movies of my time. I assume kids from today want a movie about my days in the 90s like I enjoyed this one being in the 70s but I hope this title doesn't get lost.

Rounders 266/365

This movie hit really well when I first saw it. I had just started playing poker like the rest of America at the time and this movie let the day dreams fly. I mean the good part not the Edward Norton part.

Gia 265/365

This movie helped me out when I was a young man alone in my basement in the late evenings and early mornings of childhood. I’m sure most my age can relate.

Click 264/365

Adam Sandler doesn't really hold any weight when it comes to movies anymore. After the first three or four he was done. But Click, Click is great. It even made me cry when he found out about the dog.

Beer League 258/365

I first watched this because I love Howard Stern and Artie was on the show. It was weak and the best thing about it was Shuli making a joke on the Artie roast about its last day in the theater. But I watched it again recently and I really enjoyed it in that garbage Saturday afternoon kinda way. So watch it today.