The Angel & Daniel Johnston 101/365

Watch this beautiful man explode with creativity on this fine Sunday morning.

The Devil and Daniel Johnston 100/365

Would you look at that. 100 days of this movie nonsense done. I hope you've enjoyed it so far. In honor of a milestone here is part of the story that is Daniel Johnston, a true American artist.

Look Who’s Talking Too 98/365

This is an example of one of those titles you own simply because it was a free movie or one you get in a lot.

Purple People Eater 97/365

Did no one in the art department think giving Ned Beatty a Deliverance credit for this children's movie inspired by Little Richard was a weird idea?

The Expendables Trilogy 96/365

It's like two for Tuesday but instead, it's three.

The Quick and the Dead 95/365

If only this movie had a cameo by Brisco County, Jr.

Deathgasm 94/365

This movie is overwhelmingly fantastic. I will say it is probably my favorite horror movie in the past 10 years. Get on this right away if you haven't seen it.

Gimmie Shelter 82/365

This is consistently brought up as the best Rock & Roll Live Show or Documentary when the truth is it's not even the best Stones movie.

Leprechaun 76/365

It's St. Patrick's Day, I have to post this one.

Lack of TV Will Rot Your Disc

The glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down. Years of improper storage and neglect, shuttered away in dark, damp garages — LaserDiscs are falling apart because we forgot about them. DVDs were smaller, cheaper. The quality is poorer but they were new, so we chose them over their bigger, clunkier forefathers. And then we made film so small that we didn’t have to carry it around at all, except for in our iPods and tablets. But the films that exist on LaserDiscs don’t exist anywhere else. The Blockbuster Video in Bend, Oregon is the last of its kind, and the glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down.