Double Dragon 163/365

Double Dragon came home to all of our delights this month in 1988. If you don't like this game, I don't like you. Pretty simple stuff here. It's so good it made a cameo in The Wizard. "California"

Battletoads 155/365

Battletoads was released on June 1st in 1991 but June is a heavy month with titles so we're moving things around. It's safe to say everyone liked Battletoads but it wasn't until their adventures with the boys from Double Dragon that I truly fell in love.

River City Ransom 115/365

If you liked Double Dragon then you will like this game that was you could play on the tv starting today in 1989, When I say you will like one for the other I mean it. Not only does it have the feel of the game and sprite look alikes but the exact music from Double Dragon is used when you fight the, wait for it...Dragon Twins.

Double Dragon 3 053/365

Today in 1991 we received the third installment of the Double Dragon series. There has been a cartoon, a major motion picture or as you should call it; a film and there will be more with this property. But there is nothing better than the first three titles; a spectacular side scrolling adventure through the mean streets.