Lion King 322/365

This movie is so good that when they remade it with Beyonce it still couldn't get even close to it's quality.

Rocketman 87/365

I have never seen this 90's gem but my good buddy sent it to me along with a few others in a VHS care package. So in honor of a Steve Martin Sunday; I'm going to get small and watch this.

Toby Tyler 19/365

When I was little I had to go to my Grandmother's house for a week during the summer and the only good thing was that she had cable. I later learned it was stolen cable and that's why she had every channel during a time when no one had and my uncles were forever solidified as cool in my book. During this time I watched the Disney channel non stop; in between episodes of Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus they played this a lot and I thus started my daydreams over joining the circus.