Gleaming The Cube 363/365

This is in my top movies from childhood. I watched it on repeat once I was able to record it off HBO or where and didn't have to it rent it weekly. I later had a tape without the sleeve I picked up who knows where and watched it non stop through college and still have today. It's got a lot of melted clay and random markings from art school all over it.

Pump Up The Volume 234/365

Pump Up The Volume rocked me as a child. No other movie stood there and said "Fuck your Parents, Fuck your Teachers, Fuck Society" better when I was sitting in that movie theater in North Olmsted, Ohio as an impressional 10 year old boy.

The Legend of Billie Jean 25/365

Prior to finding out about her true identity as Super Girl and Mark Hunter found his voice as Hard Harry they were rallying against a creepy shop with a heat press and a look that screams cologne and cigarettes. And before Yeardley Smith got married and had to fight off alien possessed automobiles at a truck stop she got her first period while on the run from the law.