Run…for Fun?!

I’ve been planning to start jogging recently to lose some of my quarantine weight and this popped up, since it’s always nice to have a goal I figure I’d sign up.

Thank You Doc Brown

There’s never a wrong time to share this message.

Expand Your Mind And Time Theory

"On July 3, 1985, Michael J. Fox skateboarded into the American imagination as Marty McFly, the guitar-shredding teenage hero of Back to the Future. The trilogy, released over the course of five actual years but time-traveling back and forth across three centuries, has aged relatively well in the ensuing years. It’s now remembered not only as …

Learn About The Future Today

"Gravitas Ventures has announced the acquisition of all North American rights to Back in Time, directed by Jason Aron, featuring interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd. Back in Time looks at both the making of the original film and the fan culture that has developed over the years. It …

Do We Become Assholes Or Something

"Introducing Back to the Future Part II Miniature Desktop Hover Boards just in time for October 21, 2015...." Read All About It

Never Forget Tom Wilson

"One of the most interesting parts of Back to the Future were the scenes set in 1985. Because a large majority of the film is set in 1955, the actors were cast to best fit the ages the characters would have been during that time frame - around 17 or 18. This meant that Crispin Glover, Lea …

I have wanted it to be 2015 since it was 1989.

I love Back to the Future so much I recently got a tattoo of a flying DeLorean. When I was about 10 I went to the second rate movie theater up the street from my childhood home and watched Back to the Future 2. Afterwards my street buddy and I rode our bikes as fast …

Trading Cards Are Ready

Hey everyone, I just posted a bunch of classic non sport trading cards for you to pick up and enjoy. The smell is the same, the feel is the same, please don't find out if the taste is the same. The gum was bad 30 years ago, imagine now. All of these can be picked …

A Lot Went On Today In History

November 12, 1955 was one of the most event-filled dates in Hill Valley history. Original timeline • George McFly and Lorraine Baines kiss for the first time at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. One week earlier, George had been struck by a car driven by Lorraine's father, Sam Baines, and Lorraine looked after him …

Is It Tomorrow Yet?

2015 — "Doc Brown and Marty McFly will arrive two years from today. Time to get to work, science!" — BuzzFeed What We're Waiting On