Sugar High: gotta have it, really need it to get by

MEMORY LANE — "On Wednesday I turned the frightful age of 33. I believe I now have an upper hand in beating out Jesus in at least one category. For my birthday I went to my favorite childhood restaurant (Gene's Place) with my parents, wife, and daughter. I then proceeded to get drunk with my friends …

Random Revolutionary Bum Shirts

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A Classic 90s Satanic Story of Love & Forgiveness

"Each week I pick a movie or a TV season from iTunes and I buy it. Your best bet for finding a good deal on iTunes is to wait for the 'new' releases every Tuesday. Most weeks they put together some sort of section, for example they had one for Valentine's Day. Here you could …

Shirts & Toys

CLEVELAND — "I was playing around with some iPad photo apps and made this. So look at it, it's full of shirts & toys that you can have. Just click it and then make it your wallpaper. — Dave Ralph

It’s Been Awhile

CLEVELAND — "I've been lazy on the posting side of things and I will be back in he swing again starting now. Here re some hurts that you my or may not have already seen but they're awesome and you should check out the color options on etsy." — Dave Ralph