Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter

When I was a kid I didn’t really have friends so I retreated to my basement for most hours of the day. If it was the summer I wouldn’t leave the basement besides to eat or use the bathroom. I had a tv, vcr, nintendo and my dog Toby. Here we watched countless movies and acted them out. We would rewrite scenes and create them. (one of Toby’s favorite characters was Snarf from Thundercats) But that’s not the point. The point of this post is to discuss Dennis the Menace Dinosaur Hunter.

So What Next…

I'm trying to figure out what I can do to not do anything and make money to provide for my kiddo. I've made nonsense on the Internet and made good money. Good money if I was still in college, not good money as a family man. I thought I could make videos on YouTube but …

…It’s A Collection

I’ve already saved my VHS tapes from their glory days but I’ve had them boxed away since I bought my house and moved three years ago. I’ve grab a few here and there from the box to showcase but mostly my only display has been Nintendo cartridges. I’ve been selling off some of my games …

Movies Reviews

Now that I'm back using this site and entertaining both of you with my antics I wanted to let you know to expect a lot of upcoming movie reviews. I recently had a 3,000 button order to complete which means lots of staring at my computer screen while mindlessly making buttons. So I watch movies …

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Just because you can ask for anything you want on eBay doesn't mean something is worth that much. Read All About It

What Frequency Kenneth?

"What are you going to listen to while driving to the coast next weekend? Or jogging on the beach? Barbecuing with your wife's coworker who you hate but have to invite because he lives down the block? Here, take these: a list of our 20 favorite summer albums ever (or at least released between the …

New Wave Dave

1980 — "Garbage Pail Kids are evergreen. Invented by cartoon legends Art Spiegelman and Mark Newgarden, the Cabbage Patch Kid parodies developed a cult following as juvenile gross-out art in the 80s. The trading cards are now revered by collectors, the depth and grotesqueness of each “kid” a treasure to enthusiasts. Garbage Pail Kids don’t …

Nintendo 64

Some of the DoNotWearShoes N64 Collection

Super Nintendo

Some of the current DoNotWearShoes SNES Collection.

A New Howard The Duck?

I would 100% watch a new version of Howard hanging out in the greatest city of all...Cleveland. Read All About It