Questions & Answers

  • Who are you?

My name is Dave Ralph and I live in Cleveland, Ohio with my wife and kiddo. I love collecting movies, video games and toys. I am a firm believer that Iron Man is better than Batman and although the Back To The Future movies are my favorite, Pump Up The Volume did more for me than any other single piece of art. I’ll watch Newsies at any time and Saved By The Bell is the best tv show in existence; Breaking Bad and The Wire are a close second. Amityville Horror is the scariest movie of all time but Rosemary’s Baby is perfect. My favorite video game is Super Mario Brothers but I dig Lemmings, Sunset Riders, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors too.

Really. I’m just a dude who has a family, a Peter Pan complex and a bunch of stuff.

I have an ever growing collection of Nintendo cartridges and movies on most formats. I want to get my hands on anything Back To The Future or Freddy Krueger. I really like finding toys that I once played with and giving them to my daughter.

I’ll post nonsense about being a nostalgia collector and a father. To motivate myself to stay on board I’m throwing one movie up a day. Some brand new and some are just part of the gold.

  • What’s with the stuff I sell?

Through my travels in toy collecting I come across bunches of old toys that were once craved and cried over, some still are. I’ll pick ‘em up and unload them to you through my store or direct contact on social media and here. I enjoy trades when it comes to toys & movies so always feel free to offer up a barter.

I make Buttons and other tacky items too. Not only can I offer custom stuff but I make my own creations.

  • What’s the actual point of it all?

I’m just writing up my thoughts, opinions and toys in hopes that people will enjoy it enough to purchase things from me and check out my movie review show.

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