Network 4/365

I picked up Network recently and dove right back in and wouldn’t you know; after 44 years the networks have learned nothing.

Purple People Eater 3/365

Much like with Just One of the Guys introduced me to the musical great James Brown; this movie showed me Little Richard and Chubby Checker. By the time I saw this movie which was originally released December 16, 1988 I knew who Screech was but The Doog had not received his doctorate yet. Thora Birch makes her acting debut and later babysit an ape and show her boobs to the neighbor boy. Her best claim to fame has to just be that she hung out with Christina Ricci while making Then & Now. Anyway, the great Ned Beatty is in this and he oddly enough has Deliverance as the credit on the back of the box.

The Quick and the Dead 2/365

The great Sam Rami brought in DiCaprio, Sharon Stone, Gene Hackman, Russel Crowe, Keith David, Lt. Dan, Lance Hendriksen, and of course Bruce Campbell for this fantastic and highly underrated western. This also stars the girl from The Torkelsons, which should be on Disney+.

Brazil 1/365

My attempt this year will be to post one movie a day for you. So 1 of 365 is going to Brazil on Laserdisc.

Destruction by Definition

A buddy who made me a tape that had the Minor Threat discography record on it, Dixie by Avail and a Minor Threat cover by The Suicide Machines. This tape would later go on to change my life...

Bring On The Simpsons Dump

Here’s the latest dump and a photo of my Tapped Out town.

Sit Back and Relax

Dude. Just hit PLAY. You want a hint to make sure you should hit PLAY... ...T.U.R.T.L.E. Power

Cootie Queen or Lint Licker?

Listen here Lint Lickers, you buy Trident and you buy it out of respect for this commercial.

Dead Rising PT. 1

I was playing around on the PS store the other day because I'm entirely too excited for the new PS5. As I'm looking around I see Dead Rising for $5 so I hop on it. Here is the start of my trip down memory lane.

THOH is Coming in Tapped Out

The update is coming. So here’s a little Simpsons Dump.