Mario Cube

Mario Cube

Yes, this is made out of exactly what you think it is.

Jameson Whiskey


I made these today for Jameson while listening to all my L7 albums on shuffle.

Twitter Name Options

No one has the twitter name @NazisEatPooh or @NazisDontHVMoms


An Ode to Childhood

Carl Sagan Rules

The guitarist of Warrant gave me a Garth Brooks Wall Clock shaped as a Guitar in 2012.

I had a meeting to discuss making some shirts for a local "Rock N Roll" bar today. The bar was owned by Billy Mitchell, the one time guitar player for Warrant and Quiet Riot. After discussing the semantics of T-Shirt slinging with him we agreed on an order and that was that. As I bullshitted …

Give Me Cleveland or Give Me Death.

— When I first started Screen Printing I created these images to represent my love for Cleveland, Ohio. These are available right now in the Etsy Store and I hope you check them out. As you can see there are two styles of the two styles. You can either get Browns Town Colors or your …

The Newest Freebie

— If you ever buy anything from Etsy or from most small time shops on the internet you have probably received free gifts in your packaging. Now a days everyone is trying to create the newest or most interesting box for their product. I see where these people are coming from but I would prefer …

First Day Jitters.