They Smell Like Records

For Sale in the Etsy Store. Original 1983 Star Wars/Return of the Jedi 14 x 11 Posters. Dig It.

iTunes Plug.

During the 80s a trilogy was created around a young Danielson and Mr. Miyagi. A student and his master. If you're from this time era then you know I'm talking about The Karate Kid series. You know that #1 is almost perfect in that simple 80's way, you understand part 2 is good in it's …

Stern Rules. BABA BOOEY!!!

Background Photo

My background photo is a shot of Lake Erie off of Rocky River, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I didn't take this picture but I found it while playing on line. The reason I used it was not only the artistic beauty but also because I grew up in Rocky River. I went to school …

1st Art Show

Here are some images from the 1st Art Show I was a part of. This is "Your Buddies Art Show"

It’s on.


Watch This.

This is one of the greatest re-edits I have seen to date.



Happy 4th of July from

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch

Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch

You can pick this up on Etsy if you dig silly 90s memories.

Crazy Brah!

Surfing on it's own is awesome, you take on Mother Nature but Big Wave Surfing is mind blowing.