The Three Stooges 127/365

I don't really care about The Three Stooges. In fact it's a go to joke with my wife where we tell our kid something is funny but then realize it's just our parents telling us the Stooges are funny. The funniest thing I think they have done was the opening to this game and since I love to show you daily titles make sure to check out today's.

Jackal 126/365

If you were lucky you played this at the arcade, mall or the bowling alley before we were able to play at home starting in October of '86.

Elevator Action 124/365

Elevator Action came out in October of '83 and then onto the amazing Nintendo Entertainment System in August of '87. To be honest anytime I play this game I wish it Keystone Kapers on the 2600. That game is cemented into my head from a very young age.

A Boy And His Blob 123/365

This one from December of 1989 is still a blast. You kind of feel like a side scroller but also having fun with puzzles. I bet the people at Kirby thought "we can make this game cuter".

Caveman Games 122/365

This Caveman Games not Caveman UGH-Lympics. The latter was the title when this game was first on the Commadore-64 but when Nintendo threw it in our systems in October of 1990 the titles was set. Games is the better name but UGH-Lympics; that's just clever.

The FANGORIA CHAINSAW AWARDS Return to Shudder on Sunday, May 15

Alright, creeps... 'tis time! Well... almost time! We certainly hope you got those votes in because the FANGORIA Chainsaw Awards are coming to you Sunday, May 15th at 7pm ET, exclusively on Shudder! This year's festivities will be hosted by the one and only David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad, Dune) and David is bringing along some …

Burger Time 121/365

BurgerTime, a game so wonderful it's been on every system. We wanted this in the arcade at home and even in Wreck It Ralph. It was this month in 1987 that we could play it on our Nintendo's in in the comfort of our basements across America.