What’s In A Name; Intention

I’ve sold buttons online for a long time now. I picked up a 1” machine one day and set off to make custom buttons for my friend’s bands and people’s random needs. Plus a few weirdo fanboy ones to sell on eBay. I also sell off vintage toys and movies from either my travels as …

Sir Mark Mothersbaugh

-I met Mark Mothersbaugh one day while working at the great Big Fun Toy Store in Cleveland, Oh. He was friends with the owner and wanted to catch up. I was bored and wanted a strange autograph. This man has written some wonderful works of art through his bands like DEVO but also with theme …

More Buttons!

I recently picked up a 1.5 inch button machine which brings me to a total of three sizes. Grab your customs made 1”, 1.5”, or 2.25” buttons from me. Any quantity but obviously the larger it is the cheaper per piece. Shoot me a message for a quote anytime.

Simpsons Dump

-I seem to save a lot of different pictures to my phone every day and a large portion are the Simpsons. Here’s the newest crop.

Don’t Worry Baby

Everything will turn out alright.

The Seeker

I won’t get what I’m after til the day I die.

What Does Normal Look Like?

The internet age just needs intelligence not an InfoWars leader to guide us through this hiccup in human existence.

Rhino Ad

Rhino was the company that brought me Mystery Science Theater and reruns of The Monkees when I was kid. One of my childhood Monkees videos I still have. (Not Rhino) Here’s an ad I found for Rhino from a VHS copy of Vanilla Ice music videos which was put out by SBK records. Rhino Ad …

I Got It Now

I'm trying to figure out what to do on YouTube in hopes I can be monetized. I have a bunch of subscribers because of putting up nostalgic nonsense. Nothing original, just weird movies like Bones starring Snoop Dogg or old shows and clips recorded off tv. Of course I can't make money off that and …

So What Next…

I'm trying to figure out what I can do to not do anything and make money to provide for my kiddo. I've made nonsense on the Internet and made good money. Good money if I was still in college, not good money as a family man. I thought I could make videos on YouTube but …