Ramona Quimby; Age Always

"Ramona Quimby is one of my best friends. We both grew up in Portland, Oregon, and when I was 8 years old, she kept me company when I was lonely. She whispered her stories to me, letting me know it was OK to ask questions, to be angry, to mess up. She taught me to be curious, to find beauty in the simple things—like curls that boing and bounce, like deep puddles good for splashing and stomping in. She laughed loud and cried until there were no more tears left. Ramona was not afraid to show emotion. She wasn’t afraid to take up space. I needed a friend like Ramona."

The Start of Kroger, 1966

These photos, taken in 1966, show the Kroger location at Dover Center and Oviatt Road in Bay Village, Ohio, an affluent suburb of Cleveland. The store had just reopened after a brief closure for remodeling. First is a color shot of the store’s façade, followed by alternating black-and-white and color photos that provide a “before and after” look at the various departments.

The Tales of Fredrick Krueger

After three successful A Nightmare on Elm Street films, short-lived spinoff series “Freddy’s Nightmares” was launched in October of 1988. The series, which premiered the same year Dream Master was released, kicked off with a Tobe Hooper-directed episode that centered on Freddy Krueger’s origin story, but from that point forward, Freddy (played, as always, by Robert Englund) mostly served as the host of the series rather than the star. The stories were set in the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio, and the dream demon only popped up from time to time.


The former child star (now 42), who played Joey Cramer in the 1986 movie, was arrested last week (April 28) in Gibsons, British Columbia. The robbery is said to have taken place in nearby Sechelt. The suspect is said to have fled the area with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Hell of a Time

Deep in the belly of the internet resides Internet K-Hole, an entrancing collection of personal photographs from the 1970s and 1980s. Deep in the subterranean belly of the internet resides Internet K-Hole, an entrancing collection of personal photographs from the 1970s and 1980s. From metal heads to biker gangs to the bespectacled members of the high school computer club, K-Hole highlights the diversity (and pure weirdness) of humankind in a way that words never could.

Lack of TV Will Rot Your Disc

The glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down. Years of improper storage and neglect, shuttered away in dark, damp garages — LaserDiscs are falling apart because we forgot about them. DVDs were smaller, cheaper. The quality is poorer but they were new, so we chose them over their bigger, clunkier forefathers. And then we made film so small that we didn’t have to carry it around at all, except for in our iPods and tablets. But the films that exist on LaserDiscs don’t exist anywhere else. The Blockbuster Video in Bend, Oregon is the last of its kind, and the glue used to bind LaserDiscs is breaking down.