What Do You Want To Tell Everyone

You’re opinion is the only right one and I think you should make sure people know it.

Maybe Just Watch The Secretary

Did you like Donnie Darko when it came out? I recall being with some pretentious people who wanted to attack it rather than accept it as something they didn’t understand.

What Does Normal Look Like?

The internet age just needs intelligence not an InfoWars leader to guide us through this hiccup in human existence.

Or Die

"Pro skateboarders Jon Allie, Jon Goemann, Matt Mumford and Anthony Schultz are a few of the masterminds behind a series of skateboard decks decorated with in-your-face dystopian commentary and images. And I can’t get enough of them." Read All About It

Jesus Don’t Want Me For A Sunbeam

"Historians and religious scholars know that religious texts are made up of a series of myths (that’s not to say they are not true, but just that they are mythical stories). These myths appear across different religions and eras, and the same stories repeat themselves over and over again throughout history. Today, I will present …

Expand Your Mind And Time Theory

"On July 3, 1985, Michael J. Fox skateboarded into the American imagination as Marty McFly, the guitar-shredding teenage hero of Back to the Future. The trilogy, released over the course of five actual years but time-traveling back and forth across three centuries, has aged relatively well in the ensuing years. It’s now remembered not only as …

Parents Are Weird

"Vintage stereoview images from 1923 of a little girl sleeping while goblins and boogeyman creep around her bed and hover over her are a little silly looking, yes. But, they’re still psychologically disturbing, tapping into the primordial fear of something under the bed like some kind of proto-David Lynch type imagery. I’d imagine these scared the shit …

Learn About The Future Today

"Gravitas Ventures has announced the acquisition of all North American rights to Back in Time, directed by Jason Aron, featuring interviews with Michael J. Fox, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Bob Gale, Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd. Back in Time looks at both the making of the original film and the fan culture that has developed over the years. It …

Salad Days Or Bust

"2015 really has been a bumper year for music documentaries. We’re only half way through, but already a couple of names jump out and strike you as some of the best films of the year, let alone the best music docs. But while films like Amy and Montage Of Heck have received relatively generous marketing campaigns to get the …

Kick Out The Jams Mother Fucker

"Usually, when the band stops playing and the mob doesn’t have any-thing to focus on, the riot starts. At least that’s the way it generally went down with my band: The MC5.  We played a fair amount of riots in our day. It was Riot Season in America. It happens every few years. The Belle …