White Men Can’t Jump 23/365

Before settling on the East Coast to clean glass and care for drunks Woody had dream of becoming a name in the world of basketball and try he did. Although life can throw you plenty of bricks he continued to try anyway he could to find his home. Becoming best friends with Sidney was only the beginning.

House Party 2 22/365

After finishing high school at the top of his class, Duncan Pinderhughes goes on to college where he stays friends with Blade although Julian Thomas and Popsicle are nowhere to be seen. When monetary issues arise our heroes put together a non stop thrill ride of co-eds, hip hop and of course the pajama jam to end all pajama jams.

Super 8 20/365

I heard people didn't like this movie but its Spielberg, kids and monsters; what could go wrong? Plenty, plenty could go wrong and some does but some goes right. I'd say you should get out there and watch this on a Saturday night in.

Toby Tyler 19/365

When I was little I had to go to my Grandmother's house for a week during the summer and the only good thing was that she had cable. I later learned it was stolen cable and that's why she had every channel during a time when no one had and my uncles were forever solidified as cool in my book. During this time I watched the Disney channel non stop; in between episodes of Pooh Corner and Dumbo's Circus they played this a lot and I thus started my daydreams over joining the circus.

Malcolm X 18/365

In 1992 Spike Lee released this epic film to inform and educate the masses on this prolific man. Denzel Washington comes on screen in full force to represent a man even the silver screen couldn't hold.

Oh God! 17/365

Before leaving, quite literally, on a jet plane Bob Denver worked at a grocery store. He did well for himself and for his family until one day he felt the hand of God. The young man from Sgt. Pepper's it turns out is actually God himself. Watch the two work their individual magic in a way only they could.

Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead 16/365

Shortly after escaping the clutches of Michael Myers and prior to being the super hot bad girls across the universes of Roseanne, Growing Pains, and Eerie, Indiana, Jamie Lloyd had a summer free of responsibility along with her stoner brother who would not only made sure the dishes were done but also how to make non Mama Celeste pizza. Watch as Kelly Bundy learns valuable life lessons and get an excellent advantage to a future in the fashion industry with this classic 90s summer comedy. And that's nothing to shake a clown dog at.

Wonder Boys 15/365

Prior to going straight and working with the Avengers Hank Pym wrote and taught under the pen name Grady Tripp and this is his story. In these wonderful two hours, Artie, the producer of the Larry Sanders Show origins will be revealed, Iron Man will deflower Spider-Man and your questions of what happened to Cameron Crowe's Mom will be answered.

Toy Soldiers 14/365

After saving the Goondocks, a teenage Rudy with a pre-PTSD Kenny Crandell and friend Gordie, who had many issues of his own along with some other friends they've made take on an internal band of terrorists led by a man so ruthless he's been up against the likes of the A-Team, MacGyver, Matlock and even Mac & Me. Mac & Me!