Angus 13/365

He’s just a fat kid trying to make his way through puberty but Mox is a real asshole to him. Angus attempts to bond with a young lady who will later go on to have a horrible weekend with her brother and grandfather on Isla Nublar all while keeping his kleptomaniac friend Troy in line.

Demolition Man 12/365

Our hero John Spartan, played by Sly is good cop who leaves a wave of destruction to bring down a criminal. After bringing in his arc nemesis Simon Phoenix, played by Wesley Snipes, he is charged for the deaths of civilians during the arrest and put in the freezer.

The Earth Day Special

In 1990 Warner made an awesome TV movie all about saving our Earth. Not only was everyone from the Warner world who was famous at the time but it also showed us our favorite characters continuing the act; like how Doc Brown helps save the day and Doogie Howser is Mother Earth’s doctor.

Some Kind of Wonderful 10/365

It’s got Casey Jones from Ninja Turtles, a poor excuse for a Marty McFly and the wonderful “Lorraine Baines McFly” also known as Ms. Amanda Jones; Lea Thompson. Plus a Mary Stuart Masterson being super duper radical.

Basketball Diaries 9/365

My father took me to see it and he should not. I remember him hemming and hawing at everything and finally leaving me alone in the theater as he walked because LDC was in a bathroom stall getting a blowjob. This pretty much guaranteed a young like would become obsessed and watch it a million more times. I really dug the soundtrack and moved onto reading and listening to Jim Carroll's works.

Pump Up The Volume 8/365

Pump Up The Volume rocked me as a child. No other movie stood there and said "Fuck your Parents, Fuck your Teachers, Fuck Society" better when I was sitting in that movie theater in North Olmsted, Ohio as an impressional 10 year old boy.

Super Mario Bros. 7/365

People do not like this movie and it is pretty much well deserved.

M*A*S*H 6/365

Today Trump fans went bonkers and stormed The Capitol because they are idiots and believe in what a moron told them about election fraud. So I got nothing. Here's the trailer for the movie that started the show that went on for 11 years. I've never seen any of either but with this new disc means a viewing is in my future.

Camp Nowhere & Ernest Goes To Camp 5/365

I updated Camp Nowhere with a Blu-Ray and it came with Ernest Goes To Camp.

Network 4/365

I picked up Network recently and dove right back in and wouldn’t you know; after 44 years the networks have learned nothing.