Sit Back and Relax

Dude. Just hit PLAY. You want a hint to make sure you should hit PLAY... ...T.U.R.T.L.E. Power

Cootie Queen or Lint Licker?

Listen here Lint Lickers, you buy Trident and you buy it out of respect for this commercial.

Dead Rising PT. 1

I was playing around on the PS store the other day because I'm entirely too excited for the new PS5. As I'm looking around I see Dead Rising for $5 so I hop on it. Here is the start of my trip down memory lane.

It’s Just So Relatable

I Couldn’t Understand Something More

Dave Ralph Pro Sitter 5

I’ve been working from home because of the health scare and I decided to upgrade a few things to make everything work perfectly for the company...

69 Days Until Halloween

69 Days until Halloween...

Thank You Doc Brown

There’s never a wrong time to share this message.

I Mean, Ya. Seeing Is Believing.

-Did you ever play casper for SNES? I never played it that I can recall. I did however love the movie and I fell head over heels for Christina Ricci. I can't seem to find a picture of it but growing up I had a Pamela Anderson poster hanging on my wall from her days …

Driving Home

-In March of 2019 I went to New York City to see the band Little Big play. When the weekend was over we had to come home and home we went. Here’s the proof