The former child star (now 42), who played Joey Cramer in the 1986 movie, was arrested last week (April 28) in Gibsons, British Columbia. The robbery is said to have taken place in nearby Sechelt. The suspect is said to have fled the area with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Class of 1984 104/365

A young Canadian by the name of Michael Fox had not found his true self with his J when this movie was released but I can assure you it is still worth your time. This is easily one of the best punk rock gang movies of the 80s.

Tony Hawk Rides Again

I picked up the deluxe remaster of this game the moment I could so I could get the demo level and plays as soon as possible. Awesomely it came with a few outfits but most importantly The Ripper. I used my create-a-skater to rally through this game like the good old days of the PS2 on my PS4 but now that I got my hands on the PS5 it was time to take on each level of THPS2. Clearly the best way to show my love and support of the Bones Brigade is use The Ripper

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